Flat Rate Shipping with Minimum Amount

Shipping costs can be enormous so it’s something that your business wants to get correct. In my wife’s cabinet business, she wanted to offer free shipping on orders over $2,500 and then a flat rate below that. Since she sells cabinets, charging $20 shipping on a $200 order would not be enough. She needed to have a minimum amount that would be charged so small orders wouldn’t complicate things.

This can be done with WooCommerce’s built-in flat rate shipping. The cost field can take a straight percentage or dollar rates, but it can also do calculations. When we add in calculations, that opens up additional options for us too.

She wanted to charge 10% of the order cost in shipping but needed the minimum cost to be $50. Here’s the cost field for creating that:

[fee percent="10" min_fee="50"]
Ten percent shipping cost with a minimum cost of $50

You also don’t have to worry about how this is listed on the front end of your website to customers. They’ll only see the “Method Title” and then the cost. It’s not broken down into “fees” and other “costs.” It’s simply shown as a number.

Here are some additional resources on Flat Rate Shipping:

Photo by Erda Estremera on Unsplash

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