WooCommerce Shop Page Title Plugin

Have you ever noticed that the shop “page” in WooCommerce’s title doesn’t match the name of the page for it? When WooCommerce is set up, it typically creates a number of pages for the cart, checkout, account and the “shop” page.

When looking through the pages list you’ll see one called “Shop” where you can find all of your products.

What’s odd is, when you visit that page in a browser, the title in the browser tab will say “Products” instead of the actual title of the page. No matter what you change the title of the page to, it will remain “Products.” The technical reason why this is the case is this is not really a page, but is instead a custom post type archive for “Products.”

There are snippets out there that you can use to adjust this, but I thought I would create a simple plugin to make this more user-friendly. So today I’m happy to announce the WC Shop Title plugin. All you need to do is install and activate it and the title of your shop page will then match whatever the title of that page is. No extra settings, it just pulls the page title and uses it.

It doesn’t have to be called “Shop,” you can make it anything that suits your needs. Hopefully that will make someones’s life a little easier. If you have any questions about using it, please let me know.

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