Upload Files Larger Than Your Upload Limit in WordPress

I had a customer the other day that was selling downloads of audio loops.  The downloadable files were quite large at around 2 GB each.  While they had a very generous max upload size from their host, the uploads were still failing sometimes.

They had already spent a few days going over things with their host when they asked us for any additional advice.  That led me to a plugin called Tuxedo Big File Uploads. This plugin says that it breaks files up into smaller chunks for uploading allowinf for much larger files to successfully be uploaded. Before recommending it to my customer, I decided to give it a try on my development site.

300 mb max upload.png

The maximum upload file size allowed on this site is 300 MB and I wanted to test it out with a ZIP file full of vacation pictures that came in at 2.6 GB. I installed and activated the plugin and immediately the maximum file size jumped up to 104 GB.

104 GB max upload.png

That looks great on screen, but would it really let me upload something that is 8 times bigger than the server’s limit? I started uploading the file and it took a while because it is 2.6 GB. It’s a lot of data to transmit and also lots to process for the server.

finished upload

Success! I was able to successfully upload that huge ZIP file without issue. So I told my customer about it and it solved his upload woes just like that.

So if you’re having trouble uploading a large file on your site, give Tuxedo Big File Uploads a try and see if it works for you too.

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