How To Change WooCommerce Text Using Loco Translate

Often times we want to customize some of the text in WooCommerce or an extension. It’s possible to do this with a bit of PHP coding, but there is an easy way to make changes without any code. It’s through using a plugin called Loco Translate. It may sound strange to “translate” your own language, but this approach generally works well.

First install and activate the plugin. It will add a new section to your WordPress dashboard down below settings. Go there and click on “Plugins.” You’ll find a list of the plugins you can work with. Click on the one you want and you’ll see a screen like this.

What you’ll want to do is choose the language that you have active on your WordPress site from the drop-down menu there. Then under location, I would suggest using the “custom” option. That will keep your translations safe as you update your plugins. After that, you’ll see a list that has all of the text “strings” that you can translate. At the top, there is a handy “filter” field where you can search for the text you’d like to change.

For our demo here, we want to change the “Add to cart” text to something different. We just select “Add to cart” from the list and then in the bottom box for our “translation” we enter what we’d like it to say instead. After that, you only need to click the “save” button in the top left to make the change live.

It’s unexpected but it works. Have fun customizing your text strings!

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